Disclosure Policy

Disclosure policy for the compensation earned through advertising and affiliates on this website.

This is a message that discloses the fact that there is commission earned from advertising and affiliate commissions on Naturalhairmaster.com . Many of the products promoted may be of use if a inquirer is interested. I have not used every product promoted on this website.


SNaturalhairmaster.com earns a commission from advertisements from Google Adsense, Infolinks, and Media.net. These advertisements are placed on some pages and when clicked a commission is earned from them.

The infolinks advertisements are the double or dotted words underlined in the text of you see on some pages.


A commission are earned from affiliate programs such as Zazzle Amazon Associates, and clickbank. If one of the links or pictures are clicked from one of these two sources on any page Naturalhairmaster.com earns a commission if something is purchased.

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