How To Begin Your Natural Hair Journey

Yayyy! Congratulations on beginning your natural hair journey! This is a big step, and a change that means more than hair; becoming natural will affect your confidence, self-esteem, how you’re looked at, etc.

I want to welcome you with open arms and let you know that there’s an extremely supportive community that will welcome you with open arms.


When Queens start their natural hair journey the most frequently asked questions they have are: What hairstyles do I start off with? What products/things will I need? And what treatments do I need to do?

Well, let’s get started!

I want to let you know that what works for some Queens will not work for others. Everyone is different, so there will be some testing involved. Your best bet is to try out different things and see what works for you! 

First, will you be transitioning or doing the big chop?!

What Products You’ll Need:

The first thing you can do is download my free beginner’s checklist to get a printable guide of products you’ll need to begin your natural hair journey. But right now, I can give you some of the basics so you can get started.


I suggest you start off with twists or braids, something protective that will aid in your transitioning. My top recommendations when just getting started are braids and twists.

I believe that you are natural as long as you don’t put any perms are relaxers in your hair. Weave may be a great option when you’re just getting started. It helps to protect hair and keep it in place longer. It can also help to grow your hair.


You may be wondering what you should do to treat your hair daily. First off, make sure to keep it hydrated by spraying it with water daily. But on top of that, the only treatments you need to worry about right now are deep conditions. 

Stick to your deep conditions and you’ll be on the right track. These two things help to nourish your hair to keep it healthy.

That’s all you need to get started right now. Since you’re just beginning your journey, make sure you do your research on transitioning.  Keep it simple. Once you master the basics, you can go on to more advanced hairstyles and treatments.

You don’t want to get overwhelmed, just get your routine in place and go from there. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below, for others may have the same ones. Thank you for reading about how to begin your natural hair journey and congrats!


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