Celebrity Hair Goals

When Young MA’s “Ooouuu” came out I was in love with it. Played it back to back, good times! It was a banger and everyone was loving it.

Photo Credit: @Mighty_Million


This was back when I was doing braid outs like every other day. So often times I’d been seen with my hair sectioned off similar to how Young MA wears her hair, of course, this was done¬†subconsciously.


One day my friend told me I look like Young MA, I took it as a compliment because that girl has some length on her hair!

Being me though… I took it too far and dressed up like her last Halloween. Good times! *I’m laughing so hard right now*

Young MA knows her hair is gorgeous, and she obviously takes good care of it.

This is why Young MA is my hair crush. I appreciate her music, but her hair is what really grabs my attention, of course, I can’t help it. (I’m obviously out of control.)

The things I’d do to find out what her regimen is (I might be serious).

So tell us, what do you think of Young MA’s hair? Are am I just crazy?